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PM technology advantages


  • High productivity and repeatability of the process (minimum waste percentage)
  • High precision realizing also very complex geometries, without additional machining
  • Ability to work materials with special properties (defined porosity, low weight, self-lubricating , …)
  • Ability to work mixtures of materials which would not be available by other technologies
  • No release of polluting substances or harmful by-products
  • Energy saving throughout the process
  • No chip production when no machining is needed
  • Sustainable process due to the use of partially recycled materials


  • Products and materials of high quality and mechanical characteristics
  • Ability to perform all conventional heat treatments
  • Low production costs of series products


  • Powder Purchased pre-mixed or mixed inside the factory in case of particular projects needs
  • Compaction The tool movements and the applied pressures allow to get green compacts of extremely complicated geometry
  • Sintering Heating in furnaces with controlled atmosphere and temperature (under melting point of low-melting element) gives to the component the expected mechanical characteristics
  • Sizing Sizing components, it is possible to obtain better tolerances than the standard IT10
  • Other treatments All traditional heat and surface treatments, machining, steam treatment and impregnation can be carried out
  • Final products The resulting product has well-determined mechanical and geometrical characteristics and meets high quality standards